Monday, August 31, 2009

lies taken from a web site on solar energy

wow using energy when power is turned off? don't believe everything that is spruked off about in the media and the Internet....this is how it read

"unplug devices that are always using electricity, such as cell phone chargers or computers. A startling fact is that on average, 75% of electricity consumed by home appliances is when they are turned off."

This was written by a person who says you can make your own solar panels for one hundred dollars.
There is a lot of work assembling a panel and if one connection brakes the panel wont work.
Do you have the equipment to work out where the brake is?
Started small an got bigger with the things Ive done over many years .
I myself would not entertain building a grid interactive solar system as the problems can be
immense. By all means have a go at making a panel...make a smaller panel first to charge batteries or light an area at night , and with experience you learn, you can go on to bigger things . My blogspot started small and grew slowly so did the things we made. cheers Stewart

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