Monday, September 7, 2009

green sustainable cheep electricity and lights

This is my old mate Donny the owner of the famous race horse Sanjapaddy,the sun was shining and we went to the rubbish tip and Donny said you could furnish a house from here . So I thought it could be done so went about it because Donny got a bit giddy so I got a chair for him to sit on, He said carpet would be good and the carpet was found and another chair for me. He said the cricket was on and he said a bit of telly might go good and a table and TV were found as well, A wind break was fashioned and a smoke detector was placed in the tree above him pots and pans and there it is home sweet home. Then this lady came to the tip and was asking Donny what he was doing and he said waiting for the cricket to come on! Pity we didn't have electricity but if I looked hard enough I would have found that too....cheers Stewart

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