Saturday, September 12, 2009

solar energy who pays

I am one for sustainability and green things.
Be warned you set up a solar array guaranteed for twenty years you get a pittance in return for your out lay.
In twenty years the thing breaks down no warranty, say it draws from the grid and your bills go up.
Now who pays not the electric company you do...don't believe me then. What about the new car you bought with 3 years ago out of warranty and it broke down and you needed a new computer chip , a thousand you say as you part with your money...

Say an array cost you 10,000 and you save say 300 dollars a year on your bills. what is the interest on the 10,000 over a year at 5% is about $500 at the end of twenty years you probably have trebled your money and the warranty hasn't run out...this is just food for thought.
Solar hot water and space heating are different.I have solar hot water on my roof and am looking at heating the house as well.
Cheers Stewart
Check out the warranty post on imagingeering-engineering Gundagai

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