Thursday, December 24, 2009

Electricity prices

I will have to rethink the production of electricity in the home as prices are to rise 60%. I think that small generation and power storage might be the way to go. The way to do this is to have a stand alone system to power lights and use LEDS light emitting diodes instead of globes all running on twelve volts and the mains power as backup source this would save 10% of your light bill which is about twenty dollars a bill. the system would cost about $50 per light and switches say $10 each and batteries $200 each panels $800 each total 7 lightsx 50 = 350 + pannel 800 + switches 70 +wire 50 + batteries 200 = $1500 At this rate it would take 7.5 years to pay back. Without rebate not quite there yet. I will evaluate it again in the future..cheers Stewart

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